The following Animals are all located in a temperate deciduous forest.
For animals to survive in these locations they need to adapt to the conditions.
Each animal is unique and individual. All plants use photosynthesis to produce and reproduce.


Raccoon - scavenger - a raccoon is a sneaky animal that has grey fur and resembles wearing a burglar mask on its face. A racoon is an omnivore.

Black Bear - tertiary consumer - A black bear is a massive creature that has sharp claws and teeth. A black bear is a carnivor.


Fox - secondary consumer - A fox hunts its prey fast and furiously. It has fur that blends in. A fox is a carnivore.

Cardinal - primary consumer - A cardinal is a bird with bright red feathers. The cardinal eats worms and seeds. It is an omnivore.

Grey Squirrel - primary consumer - A squirrel is a quick little creature that scavenges and eats nuts. The grey squirrel is a herbivore.


Viper - Quaternary consumer - A viper snake uses its body to strangle its prey. The viper snake is a carnivore.


Brown Bear - secondary consumer - A brown bear eats fish from rivers and is a carnivore.


Orchid Plant - The orchid family is possible the most diverse group of plants in the world. Several species occur in the Eastern Deciduous Forest. This plant is a producer.


Canada Mayflower - The canada mayflower is one of the most common wildflowers of the northern half of the eastern deciduous forest. This plant is a producer.


Skunk cabbage - The skunk cabbage occurs throughout the northern two-thirds of the Eastern Deciduous Forest and goes even further south in the Appalachian Mountains. This plant is a producer.