Student Biome Pages



What is a biome?

A biome is a regional ecosystem characterized by the dominant form of plant life and has a distinct climate. Learn about the major biomes of the world by exploring the students' pages.

Student pages are required to include the following information:

1. Where is the biome located?
2. Abiotic factors of the biome (physical and chemical factors). This should be a detailed description of the weather, landscape, and other abiotic factors.
3. Ten organisms from the biome including plants AND animals of all trophic levels. State whether each animal is a primary consumer/herbivore, secondary consumer, etc in addition to other information about the organism.
4. Explain 5 adaptations possessed by the organisms (animals AND plants) from this biome. Students must discuss how these adaptations improve survival and reproduction in individuals. There might be similar adaptations seen in different species of the same biome.
5. Humans have had a negative effect on each biome. Students will research an environmental problem including the causes, effects, and possible solutions.
6. List of resources in correct bibliography format (use
7. Pages must be “pretty” by including pictures and/or videos that are relevant to the information being presented.
8. The target audience is someone who does not know anything about the world’s biomes and is exploring the student pages to find answers.

Click on the links below to view the biome pages for each class period:

Period 2

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Period 6

Period 8