Grey Fox
Tertiary or Primary (Omnivore)
Adaptation: small ears to keep cool
external image grey_fox.jpg

Tertiary (Carnivore)
Adaptation: large feet and longer hind legs to help maneuver
external image cougar2.jpg

Wild Goat
Primary Consumer (Herbivore)
Adaptation: horns, used to fight for mates and defend itself
external image ibex_bezoar.jpg

San Joachim Kit Fox
Tertiary (Omnivore)
Adaptation: Large ears and thick fur to stay cool in both hot and cool temperatures
external image sanjoachim_kitfox_sml.jpg

Golden Jackal
Primary Consumer or Tertiary (Omnivore)
Adaptation: Grows a thick fur in winter to stay warm
external image golden_jackal.jpg

Black-Tailed Jackrabbit
Primary Consumer (Herbivore)
Adaptation: Large ears to regulate body temperature
external image jackrabbit.jpg

Spotted Skunk

Secondary Consumer (Omnivore)
Adaptation: Has the ability to shoot an odor that drives its predator away
external image spotted_skunk.jpg

Secondary Consumer (Omnivore)
Adaptation: Long sticky tongue used to lick and eat termites
external image aardwolf2.jpg

Cactus Wren
Secondary Consumer (Omnivore)
Adaptation: Changes its eating habbits based on the temperature
external image cactus_wren2.jpg

Tertiary (Omnivore)
Adaptation: Thick fur to regulate body temperature
external image coyote_eastern_380.jpg


Blue Oak
Adaptation: Has an extensive root system than can reach 80 ft. under ground to find water.

Coyote Brush
Adaptation: Have small seeds that are designed to be carried away in the wind and fertilized somewhere else, helping the Coyote Brush to spread.